Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Reading

So, the summer reading has begun.  These are the first three on my list.  I just started this one and I love it.  I am dreaming about the I CAN charts I want to make to help me and the student's use the work stations more effectively.  Good thing my new classroom has 975 square feet because I am going to need every foot to cram full of great learning stations!  I will post the I CAN posters after I make them.

I devoured this book as soon as I got it!  Love, Love, Love some of the ideas.  I started raiding the dollar stores, Hobby Lobby, Jo Ann Fabric and Michael's after I looked through this book.  Garage sales aren't safe either this summer.  This really got my creative juices flowing, although the bank account is not very happy about it.  I find myself dreaming about all the neat things I can do to create learning spaces for the next school year.  I will take pictures of what I come up with in August.  Wish I could get into my classroom now.

I haven't started this one yet.  Hopefully next week.  I have about eight books I want to get through this summer.  This one looks very interesting.  I am really having to think about how to go from learning centers to literacy centers.  I love learning but my brain is going into over drive.  Wonder which books I will end up taking to the beach in two weeks?  I know, I am a dork and should leave the books at home and take something not school related!