Friday, August 3, 2012

My classroom, part one

So, I spent all of this week moving into my new classroom.  George thought I was a horder untill he saw how much stuff all of the other teachers had!  Whew, now he is off of my case!  Ha, Ha.  Anyway, he took off two days to help me move in and set up the classroom.  I couldn't of done it without him! 

I thought I would share some of the pictures.  The classroom isn't done, but I was proud of what we accomplished this week and I will finish it next week.  Kindergarten Orientation is next Thursday and the kiddos come back on the 15th so I need to get busy!  I hope you enjoy the tour!

View as you walk into the classroom

Classroom libray

Classroom library

Class tables and Guided Reading table

Carpet and entrance way.  The write on wipe off board will be used for our word wall.

Guided Reading table

Smart Board, carpet and large group instruction area

Dramatic Play area.  Write on Wipe Off "window" for the kids.

Main board as you walk into the classroom

Welcome board outside of the classroom.  I still have to add the lettering on.  I am thinking about "Dive into Kindergarten" or "Make a Splash in Ms. Arrendale's Class".  What do you think?

Dramatic Play Area.  Do you like the stove/refridge unit we made out of an old entertainment center?

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  I will update with more pictures when I finish the classroom.  Leave me a link with pictures of your classroom.  I would love to look!