Friday, November 16, 2012

Long time no write!

Wow, I am amazed how much time and energy it is taking to make the switch into Kindergarten!  I haven't posted in forever.  I have been maintaining my classroom blog for my parents, but I have neglected my professional blog.  I have missed everyone.  I have been blog stalking you all, but I have had no time to comment. 

I have tons of things to blog about, but I will start by posting my little guys latest project.  I found this awesome Pilgrim pattern project on Teachers Pay Teachers.
You should visit her blog at First Grade Blue Skies.  I love her stuff!  She has a great Elf pattern I am going to use next month for creating our Christmas Lists.
Here are some pictures of how our project turned out yesterday.  It is so interesting to see how different they all are.  This required them to really practice their listening skills to be able to put all of the pieces together.  My guys have come so far since the first of the school year.  We tried an oral listening multi-step direction project and I was ready to quit teaching.  I could not believe what a disaster it was.  And it was just an apple and a worm a leaf and a stem to glue onto a piece of construction paper.  They are really getting control of their hands, ears and wiggly bodies and they are really getting the hang of following directions too. 
I have an enormous bulletin board outside of my classroom.  Here is the display.

This little guy wanted to show his thankfulness for Jesus. 

This young man is trying to sound out and spell words on his own.

There is nothing like being thankful for your mom!

This child is taking off and writing her own complex sentences.  I love that she added connecting words.

OK, this little lady made my day.  This is why we do what we do, isn't it?