Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Elf on the Shelf

The first thing the children do when they come in each day is look for Trinity, our Elf. They don't take off their coats, hang up their book bags or even say hello to me (OK, some do, followed by "Where's Trinity?"). It is so much fun. Let me share some photos with you.
Taking a little nap after a long flight back from the North Pole!

I found Trinity taking a bubble bath in my coffee cup! The kids thought this was too funny!

This morning Trinity was sporting a new sweater and hat. She also left us a note! She is hanging out on the Smart Board watching all the awesome kids!

 I got this cute little chalk board from World Market this weekend.  I also found a lot of minitures that I am going to us as props for our Elf all week.  I got little mixing bowls and wisk (she is going to be making gingerbread cookies!), little colored pencils, miniture gingerbread men and a few other little goodies.  Thought I would share my find with you.