Sunday, May 26, 2013

First Year is over

Ummm, where did the year go?  It seems like yesterday I was just starting this Kindergarten journey and now the room is packed up, tears have been shed over letting my first group of Kinder Kids go.  I have such mixed feelings about the year being over.  I am looking forward to this time off to create learning materials, organize and rest.  I am missing the kids.  We became extremely close this year.  The families were amazing!

My big summer project is running a new blog called Almost Firsties (also at blogspot).  We are hoping to keep the dreaded Summer Slide from happening to our Almost First Graders!  All six of us Kinder Teachers at our school have committed ourselves to doing everything we can this summer to help the kids keep or exceed their last day of school reading, math and writing skills.  So, after vacation next week I will be adding all kinds of stuff to the blog.  I have a great first post about summer slide up for the families.  Feel free to follow the blog and recommend it to your parents if you think it is something that would help you.  You can find it at Almost Firsties.

So, for now, I am trying to adjust to not having five thousand things that have to be done before Kindergarten Graduation, last report cards, check out and all of the other things that had to be done last week.  I think it is going to take a while to adjust.

I am looking forward to blog stalking all of you this summer.  I haven't had time to do much of that but I am looking forward to having some time to do lots of that!  I am also going to be updating this blog much more often.  The first year as a Kindergarten kept me hopping and I didn't have much extra time for blogging.  I think I will have more time for that now that I know what to expect (well kind of) in Kindergarten next year.  The first year in a new grade was so exciting and terrifying!  I hope now that I have a year under my belt and a better understanding of Reading Workshop, Writing Workshop and Common Core I will be able to balance my life a little better.  Thanks for hanging in there with me this year.  I hope you all have a great summer!

Me, as the Cat in the Hat for Read Across America Day