Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Part of a fall post to our parents

In Ms. Arrendale's class the students finally were able to explore the fall items brought back from the pumpkin patch field trip during their science time.  They were able to compare and contrast these fall fruits/vegetables to the pumpkin they carved.  They were able to estimate the number of seeds and graph fall items during math.

The students were taught how to use a magnifying glass to observe and study the inside of the pumpkins and other fruit/vegetables.  The children were encouraged to use descriptive words to explain what they were observing.  They also created an anchor chart using descriptive words to describe a pumpkin after they used the magnifying glass to study the pumpkin closely.

In Ms. Arrendale's class they students drew different types of Jack-O-Lantern faces using the basic shapes on write-on/wipe-off boards and voted on the face they wanted carved into the pumpkin.  This was the finished product using squares, semi-circles, triangles, ovals and rectangles.  The students also wrote about their trip to the pumpkin patch in writing workshop.
We hope this little glimpse into our daily classroom activities helps you facilitate conversations that will help reinforce skills they were exposed to during last months lessons.  We had a great time teaching all of our kindergarten kids last month!  Fall is a great time to expand on their math, language and science skills.  We will update you each month with a monthly classroom update post to keep you informed.  Now that you know how to "butter" your popcorn words get a yellow highlighter and have your child "butter" some popcorn words in magazines, newspapers and junk mail you receive at home.  It is a fun and meaningful way to practice those popcorn words!