Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Daily Five Book Study Chapter Six and Freebies!

1.      Experimenting with words for learning and practicing a spelling pattern (brainstorm a list of ways you can do this)
I love word wheels.  They are hands on and the kids love to manipulate them.  I also love creating theme based letter cards so the kids can use those to form simple words.  I print out multiple copies so several kids can make words together.  I usually start with cards that have the picture and the word so the kiddos can copy them (cat and picture of cat).  This is a great way to introduce them to the concept of making words.  I will move on to putting cards that are of the same family (cat, hat, rat, bat, mat) together so they are concentrating on one word family and see how changing one letter changes the whole word.  I am including some of my letter cards for you here for free.  Just click on the link and download from google docs!  They are part of my packets on TPT


Dinosaur Letter for Word Work

Beach Themed Word Cards

First Letter Sounds and Pirate Words

2.      Memorize high frequency words (How often do you introduce new words? Do your students have their own lists of words that they can work on? How will you keep track of words that they already know)

At my school the teacher used “popcorn words” and we add a new piece of “popcorn” to the giant popcorn box on the wall.  Each time the class masters a new popcorn word a new one is introduced.  At the end of the year if all popcorn words are mastered they get their own popcorn party with popcorn and a movie!  The kids love this.  I may do this after each set of words are mastered for my Kindergarteners for more frequent reinforcement.

3.      Generalize spelling patterns (brainstorm a list of ways you can do this)
I am looking forward to seeing other people’s ideas on this one.

4.      Adding to our knowledge and curiosity of unique and interesting words. (What is the best way to do this?)
I love having a word of the day!  Funny sounding words with lots of syllables are the best.  It makes the kids laugh and exposes them to vocabulary.  I figure if the kids know the correct word for the dinosaurs (and goodness knows they correct me when I am wrong!) then they can learn all kinds of cool words.  I try to tie the words into something we are learning about.  Like, ARCHOLOGIST when we are learning about dinosaurs.  Or PLETHERA when they want to say many or a lot.  The kids feel so smart when they use those big words.  I may introduce a Linguist of the Week and have the student (with the help of their parents) send in cool words to introduce during morning meeting.  I am all about the home-school connection so this may be a great way to get the kids and the parents exploring words together and then having the kids bring those words to school to share.
What materials do I already have?
I have so many word games, word cards, letter cards, magnetic letters, playdough, alphabet and word stamps, wikki sticks and other assorted letters and words for the kids to manipulate to create words.
What materials would I like to get?
I don’t know, what else should I have.  I can’t wait to see what else other people have/want so I can get/make those items too!
How will I store them?
I have a serious container addiction so I have plastic tubs, zip-lock bags, pockets, pencil boxes and on and on so I don’t think storage will be a problem!
Where will students work?
My students work EVERYWHERE inside and outside of the classroom.  Words are everywhere so they work everywhere.  Yes, I have the traditional desks they can work at, and the word work center, but I don’t want them to feel limited by space.  Whenever they want to work on words, I want them to grab the opportunity.

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